Videobooth and Canon LifeView video Issue

Hi OFsss!

We did a installation that use the live view mode video from Canon 550d and CanonCameraWrapper from Theo.

Here there is a video of the installation

It’s full OF done! 8)

Any way I wanted to comment we got issues with the Canon and using the video mode permanently. Aprox more than 50 min using the liveview video mode, the canon blocks it self and remain busy for ever… for ever unless restart the camera, open and close the video live view mode by hand.

BeginLiveView - device is busy, and NOT EDS_ERR_DEVICE_BUSY

I guess is a hardware issue. Has anybody got this problem before?

What we did to avoid all this… Open and Close the liveView mode periodically while is not being used by the program.

Also we added some lines at setup camera to try fix it, but not work at all, some times fix it at second time… others there is no way unless fix the problem by hand as I commented before.

        //canon camera  
        canonCamera = new CanonCameraWrapper();  
                //if Camera is liveview active , then end and close it  
            //Camera destroy  
        //setup the camera  
        //start open session  

We got sometime ago a fatal camera error and we had to change the Canon for another one while our is being fixed.

That new camera is giving us many problems, may be because the settings…, each certain time the camera blocks it self and the previous solution explained

What we did to avoid all this… Open and Close the liveView mode periodically while is not being used by the program.

doesn’t fix this…

The Canon 550d manual says there is a limitation: if live view mode is being used for a long period time and the camera’s temperature temperature increases (supposed to be a temperature advise) and then live view shooting will stop automatically.

We tryed many options to fix this, such us set live view mode off, close LCD panel info, use manual AF, make rest the camera (switch off) during the night, but still the problem persist.

If anyone had an idea, would be so welcome.

I dealt with issues along these lines quite heavily.

Something that is mentioned nowhere in the docs is that the liveview can only stay on for 30 minutes before the camera shuts it off automatically. If you are taking pictures and using liveview taking a picture will postpone the shutdown of the EVF by another 30min but if you are just streaming the liveview then you will need to shut it down and start it back up again every 27 minutes or so.

Also on mac os x there are a lot more issues with starting and stopping the camera. I found threading the start and open calls and giving a generous amount of time (6-8 seconds) between calls helps a lot. On windows the calls are blocking so you don’t have to worry so much about the timing.

Hope that helps!

ps here is the latest version that I used recently in a project where the camera has been running for 5 months 8 hours a day.

its very hacky right now, but maybe its helpful?

The problem for us has been close and open the Live view each 20 seconds, the first camera didn’t failed but that one had not same good luck. So now, waiting 20 minutes this camera works perfect!

Also we will try to close the camera and start up again at morning to make the camera rest during the night.

Thanks so much !