Video with alpha channel on Windows?

I was searching but didn’t figure out if Playing Videos with Alpha Channel is possible on Windows.

Could you provide me some advices?


I have used this set of code before with good results on windows :

You just create an object of Type ofVideoPlayer_alpha instead of ofVideoPlayer but all the normal ofVideoPlayer calls will still work.

Hi, thanks for your response… but unfortunatelly ofVideoPlayer_alpha didn’t work for me.

What I’ve done was extract ofVideoPlayer_alpha to libs/openFrameworks/video and change ofVideoPlayer to ofVideoPlayer_alpha on VideoPlayerExample.

When I try to compile it, bring an error:

…\libs\openFrameworks\video\ofVideoPlayer_alpha.h|37|error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual void ofVideoPlayer_alpha::setPixelFormat(ofPixelFormat)’|

Am I doing something wrong, or did OF 0072 broke the code?

Thank you,

Hi, I solved my problem by converting my videos with alpha channel to PNG sequence and using ofxImageSequence.


Just as an update it looks like 0072/0073 broke ofVideoPlayer_alpha on windows. Hopefully core alpha videos are coming soon :slight_smile: