Video Wall - How To

I was commissioned to do a video wall in my university. The configuration would be based in 8 Full HD 1080p displays (each TV in vertical position) in a horizontal configuration --for a final resolution of 8640x1920 (that’s of course if the required hardware isn’t so expensive, I think I could negotiate to 720p if needed). Some questions:

  1. I would need a PC to drive all this displays? What should be an ideal setup? Is not possible with a Mac pro?

  2. In case of running over PC I would need to compile my Xcode project in Windows? --so I would need the whole MS setup?

Anyone with some experience to share?
Sorry for the newbiness an the obvious. Thanks so much for any help.

  1. You’ll need something with lots of video outputs, so probs something with lots of graphics cards. A few years back I ran pieces off of a Mac Pro that I had put an extra graphics card in so I could have 4 monitors. All depends on what gear you have access to.
  2. If you were building it for Windows then you would probably need to do it through Visual Studio, you can keep the majority of the source code the same as OF is cross platform, you would want to start off with getting an example compiling and working on whatever platform you will be using
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Go with a PC, and a big GFX card (1080ti +) and you can use 1 (or 2) MST hubs or something like datapath x4s to get your output count. 2 gfx cards is a pain and the second card on the trash cans is compute only.

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Thanks @fresla --So some box with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and two Datapath HX4 I could achieve this resolution smoothly from a OpenFrameworks script? (the thing will do mostly 2D image collages, so it’s a lot of layers of images moving and fading).
8640x1920 seems huge. Any suggestion for CPU/RAM/HD?

Thanks for any tip and excuse all the questions, I really appreciate it.