video streaming?

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i have a project and need to stream video from linux to windows my problem is split the video in linux into small data and send the data over network in realtime fashion then display the data arrived to windows (not using Cygwin but using Visual Studio)
my problem look like this figure

webcam --> linux --> network —> windows —> video player

please any help i have few time for my theses

thank you very much.

i posted this some ways ago:

but alexandre didn’t had luck with it and haven’t had time since then to take a look at what could be happening.

using it i’ve streamed the content of an OF app wihtout problem. to stream to windows you will need to compile gstreamer for win or use vlc as a gateway to convert the plain tcp/ucp stream from gstreamer into an http stream.

for that youll need an sdp file to tell vlc how to manage the stream, if you google for something like - sdp file stream gstreamer to vlc - you’ll find some results.

then in vlc open that file for streaming and tell vlc to stream it as http.

with that you have an http server streaming your video coming from your linux OF app. to open it just use a plain ofVideoPlayer and when calling loadMovie use the url of your vlc stream.

something like:

linux gstreamer tcp/udp -> vlc sdp stream to http -> windows ofVideoPlayer

thank you very much

realy there are many point i do not understand some point’s but i will follow that step by step and try to solve this problem because i spend more than month in this problem and i have few time for my thesis.

thank you