video speed bug under ubuntu

Dear forum,

We are using OF 0.062 under Ubuntu 10.04.
We want to play movies with sound but we can’t have normal speed, except on movie without sound.
We have trying different video codecs (mpeg4, mjpeg, theora…) and different audio codecs (vorbis, wav, mp2…) it’s always the same : movie play normal speed when it does’nt have sound into. Otherwise, the movie play twice of this speed… :-/

Maybe Somebody have meet this problem under ubuntu with gstreamer ?

Many thanks in advance !


I tested this video file which is an .mp4 quicktime (H.264 encoding) file and had no problems.

I’m on Ubuntu 10.10 and 0.062.

I’m pretty sure video playback with sound worked for me on 10.04.

Perhaps you have some conflicting libraries or something. Do you videos play ok in totem, the default Ubuntu media player?

Dear Grimus,

thanks for your answer.
I’ve find a solution using Paused() instead of setSpeed(0) :oops:


OK great, glad you solved it :wink: