video sound spectrum

hi, has anyone had any luck getting sound spectrum data from video?
always assumed ofSoundGetSpectrum() got the sound spectrum for ofSoundPlayer & ofVideoPlayer, but not so.
any hints would be much appreciated.

thx, L.

For Linux I think you can extract the audio from GStreamer somehow…

For quicktime (osx and windows) I think I saw an equivalent of ofGetSpectrum in the Cinder videoplayer -

From the QuickTime.h header file:

float*		getFftData() const;  
uint32_t	getNumFftBands() const;  
uint32_t	getNumFftChannels() const;	  

I’m going to be converting their video player to something OF friendly because I want to test the performance of the player vs the OF one, so when I’m done I’ll post the code.

Hej guys, I’m trying to do the same thing here, using some freeframe filters on video based on the sound spectrum of the video.

I found the ofSoundGetSpectrum as well, but that seems to be only on loaded audio.

Are you guys having any luck with this one already?

thanks, Jarno