Video - Problems with ofVideoPlayer + QuickTime support on new mbp

Hello everyone,

I am running into a problem with the video playback in OF:

If I understand correctly - ofVideoPlayer should be able to play any video type that is being supported by the local QuickTime player (on OSX) ? (

Yet, on my machine it doesn’t play other than .avi with xvid compression? (I prefer to use .mov so I tried .mov with JPEG A and H264, but neither works in OF).

Does anyone know what could be wrong?
(Using a new macbook pro with OSX 10.7.4 - oF 0071)

Thanks in advance

  • Vinesh

Edit: I have copied the video from the VideoPlayer example that comes with the oF download. This is a .mov file; but it also fails to playback (shows weird content as if the codec is missing). It does work when I run the Videoplayer example itself…

Hi Vinesh,

Sorry you’re having this problem. It might help if you uploaded the specific video file you’re having trouble with so people could take a look at it and try to diagnose the problem.

strange - but what is particularly weird is that the videoPlayerExample is working. A link to your project may help as well

Thanks for your replies.
I have uploaded the project to this link:

Let me know if this suffices to look into it.

  • Vinesh

I got it:

I had to give in setFrame = 0.0 in the setup(); function.
Because I update the setFrame (declared as videoPos) in the update(); function. That might have confused oF what to do with the video. Now I only have a memory leakage somewhere, but at least video works and I can continue.

Thank you gregab and jvcleave for looking at this.