Video playback in 4k

hi friends,
for my project I need to play 4k video files on a mini PC, with Atom E3950 processor and integrated video card (intel HD 505).

currently I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and OF 0.9.8 and the playback is not smooth, with jumps and missed frames. I know that we are pushing this hardware to the limit, but mpv is able to play nicely h265 4k videos on it, while totem does not (and so openframewors since they are both using gstreamer).

What would be your suggestion? I read here about libmpv, that iirc uses ffmpeg library… is it possible/feasible to use it within an OF application?

Or there is a way to tell gstreamer to use a different codec/library/whatever to improve its performance? We are free to chose the codec that works best, it does not have to play everything… but what it plays has to be played nicely.

Of course moving to a more expensive hardware would be an easy fix, but four obvious reasons we’d like not to :grimacing:


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Do you need just to play the files? I would guess if you want pixels access or speed control you most likely loose the efficiency of something like MPV anyway and would for sure be looking at better hardware. If you just want to play the files can you just use the CLI interface of MPV (if it plays the files on this hardware), from OF using ofSystem()?

There has been many discussions about this topic. You could have a look this post:

My requirements were a bit different but there is some discussion about high res video playback too.
You will also see a post named almost like this one. It seems that ofxHPVPlayer is the way to go. Specially if you can transcode the videos beforehand.

interesting, I’ll try ofxHPVPlayer and see how it does on my hardware.

Hi @davidemania,
We you are done testing,
could you please send feedback, and also what is the name of your machine to find the specs.
I’m looking for a ~100-150$ machine with enough GPU for 4k (texture access).

I’ll report here as soon as I can, currently I am having some trouble compiling the project with ubuntu 18.04, and for some reason it seems that the 16.04 video drivers are not up to the task.

The general impression anyway is that the Intel HD505 integrated video card, while theoretically able to support 4K, is stretched to the limit. With linux, at least.