Video not working in OF 0.9.0


I am working on a project using ofVideoPlayer to play video. That works fine in OF 0.8.4 and Visual Studio 2012, but I cannot get it to work in OF 0.9.0 (Latest Nightly) and Visual Studio 2015.

There are no compile errors and the applications runs, but when the video is played the screen is blank and in my app it gives the message “error occurred while playing or pausing or opening the file” and the VideoPlayerExample gives the message"[ error ] ofPixels: format doesn’t support channels".

I don’t know where to look further, any help would be appreciated.



Now with OF 0.9.0 it leverages native playback instead of quicktime. Is the movie you are trying to play an mp4 or mov file because you will need to install codecs in order to play them.


Yes, that was it, after installing the K-Lite Codec Pack it all worked!

The strange thing was that the videos mp4 H264 encoded all worked fine in Windows Media Player and the Windows 10 build-in video player before installing the codecs.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


its because media player uses media foundation instead of direct show, media foundation can playback those video formats but direct show can’t without the codecs. Currently we have directshow as our video player, there is ofxWMFVideoPlayer in terms of addons that utilizes media foundation but the problem is that certain functionality currently dosen’t work like reverse playback.

Thanks for the explanation!

Hi there.
I’m getting the same error described here. Even though I had the K-Lite Codec Pack already

I’m a complete newbie. I just installed OF (0.9.3 now) and VS, and the Video Player example was the second I tried. The first, Video Grabber, ran fine. I’m probably missing something basic.

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seems to be a bug - you might want to try an AVI

Thanks for the tip, jcleave.

Unfortunately it did not solve the case. The results were a little bit different though. I got no errors, but the video is not playing. One frame, I think the first one is been showed and the frame counter runs until the end and stops.
Just as a note: the same example in Linux worked right out of the box.

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