Video lopp seamless for raspberry os 64 bit

At about the end of 2026 the raspberry os 32 bit will stop to be supported and with it will stop to receive support omxplayer too that is the only one opensource seamless loop video player for raspberry os 32 bit and it will not works on the 64 bit version. Actually raspberry os 64 bit doesn’t have a opensource 64 bit video player that permit to loop video seamless. Is it possible to do that with openframework and how?

This chunk of (barebone) code seem promising.

Hi! If I am correct, OF relies on omxplayer.
@jvcleave might be able to give you a better answer.

OF/ofVideoPlayer uses gstreamer that previously had hardware acceleration via OpenMax plugins.

My addon (ofxOMXPlayer) was an alternative player to the ofVideoPlayer

recent versions of Raspbian/RaspiOS removed OpenMax in favor of giving responsibility to v4l2. v4l2 likely has an optimized/hardware accelerated implementation on RaspiOS

recent versions of gstreamer probably use v4l2 under the hood. If ofVideoPlayer couldn’t do what I wanted it to I would probably look into using gstreamer with a custom pipeline to see if there were any optimizations possible