video is slow in rasberrypi

i have a .mov with h264 codec, 800x600, 64mb file size.

if I play it with omxplayer everything is ok.

if I use it with example/video/videoPlayerExample is super slow, with vidoPlayer speed set to 1.

I have set 128 mb cpu, 128 mb gpu
(even if for compile ofColor I have to increase the cpu)

it seems to me a problem like it is too heavy and it slows down the framerate… could it be? is it too heavy? what else could it be?

The standard ofVideoPlayer doesn’t use the OpenMax hardware acceleration automatically. The new gstreamer provides some of this but it would have to be a custom pipeline which I want to explore but haven’t yet

You can try my addon which uses omxplayer code - you won’t get pixels but you have the option to get a texture you can use with shaders.