Video Installation

I’m a complete beginner to openFrameworks, but I heard it’s useful for handling data that’s usually slower in Processing and P5.js.

I’m involved in a project that requires me to run two high quality videos, for a cinematic experience, that might need communication with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The main idea is to show two different files:

  1. The first one is 2 minutes long and should run automatically in a loop;
  2. As a user passes by the monitor, a PIR sensor would activate and replace the first video file with another 5 min long video. It would then return to the first video after it’s finished playing and no movement is captured.

It’s only been 2 days since I started to learn OFx and I’ve been experimenting with ofxGUI. I tried to run a 2 minutes long video but it seems to be loading pretty slow. I’m wondering if this is anything to do with OFx’s capabilities or just something I might be doing wrong.

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loading and playing video using the ofVideoPlayer is usually quick, I have successfully made installations using gigabytes of video that will randomly cut frame to frame.
the performance will be greatly affected by a number of things
how fast is the machine you;re using?
what video codec are you using?
what compression settings and filesizes / resolution are you working with?

there are loads of useful tutorials and discussions on what codecs to use for different kinds of things on the web so I wont repeat them all here but

it will work, oF will perform well, you just need to find the sweet spot of what kind of video encoding will work best for your setup…

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