Video Installation for Artweek Boston 2015

For Artweek Boston this year, I created an interactive video installation at the W Hotel Boston. The installation was activated as part of the kick-off events / party on April 30th, and it was active nightly thru May 10th.

This photo was taken after it had been running for approx 2 - 3 hours

The general idea was to provide a blank canvas at the start of each evening. As people moved thru the space and interacted with the piece, they would draw on the wall, adding to this digital mural which would build up over a period of 5+ hours; over the course of the 5 hour run, the manner in which the users’ movement was interpreted and drawn visually changed half a dozen times, developing thru different interactions and behaviors.

I used two NEC NP-M352WS projectors, as well as two Kinects for this installation. No audio component. All video was programmed in openFrameworks.

There are more images of it, as well as some info about my more recent projects on my website:

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