Video grabber settings not working

I was trying using de ofVidGrabber and i’m having a problem with the video setting when i try to launch them.
first error:

I change the deployment to 10.6 and get this error:

I guess i should change something in the buld settings but not sure what, any idea?


If you want to compile against 10.6 you will need to use an older version of OF and an older version of xcode (than current).

The old releases can be found here

and I think 0.8.4 is the last you can use for 10.6.

Apple depreciates and gets rid of old code quite fast, it is impossible for some features to stick around for a long time, this is another casualty.


Using xcode 6 and of.8.4 same thing.
There is this link at the grabber example but the link is not working.

Hi @fresla,
I think is the older xcode version i can install. I change the deployment target to 10.6 and is compiling but still get the notificaton any idea? what setup do are u using ? thanks.