video frame by frame


i had to reinstall my system and after this the setFrame(…) funktion for videos is not working correct.

for the program i have to go frame by frame through a video. i set the video paused at the beginning and than worked with nextFrame() and with my own counter + setFrame(…). before it was working fine. now the video sometimes is not updating for one frame. lets say. going from frame 422 to 423 … nothing happens. and 424 is working again… its always stopping at the same frames but with different framesteps between. my idea was that i didnt installed quicktime or some codec correct. maybe someone allread had this problem and can help me…

my informations:
Windows Xp SP3
codeblock 10.05 +minigw and addition files. using GNU GCC Compiler
VIDEO_Format = MJPG =Motion JPG
Quicktime Alternative installed //tryed the normal Quicktime as well
and installed all the other codecs. XP Codec PACK 2.5.1 // DIVX_Installer812

am i missing something…? java? directx? windows .NET? flash?

solved it by going to an older quicktime version.

Hello, I’m curious to which older/alternative Quicktime version finally worked for you ?

Btw, here is a list I found:

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Thanx in advance,