video codecs supported by opencv

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I am new to opencv and I need information regarding the video codecs supported by Opencv. I am trying to write a simple program to read a video file which is .wmv format. What codecs are supported by opencv? and is there any way we could read all the codecs? sorry if the question was posted earlier. Any help would be highly appreciated.


this page describes OpenCV’s internally supported video codecs:

but, if you’re using oF’s video playback, it supports every codec that QuickTime (windows/OSX) or gstreamer (Linux) supports.


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Can anybody confirm the following for me please regarding this topic.

I have a ofVideoPlayer instance, where I load in a .mov file.

Is it safe to assume that I do not need to include any codecs or anything special within the application folder directory itself, or install anything on the computer that needs to run the application and therefore play the video on, because oF includes all that for you when you release the application?


in windows you’ll need quicktime, in osx i think you don’t need to install anything, in linux you’ll need to execute the script