video: BookArt

Hi all!

Been mostly lurking since 0.01 :slight_smile:

This is my first OpenFrameworks Application that is more than a small test.

The application reads books(textfiles) from the Gutenberg project and parses them according to rules I’ve defined. Every char in the alphabet has a direction (9 total * 3). Every sentence makes the app draw a line and a dot. The red represents every char in that sentence. There is no way the bigger books could handle drawing to every char.

Feel free to ask questions. The books load and parse in realtime that is why the app sometimes stop. I load new books by pressing keys on the keyboard.

I also tweak params during the video - scale of drawing - speed of the red - lenght of the red.

Hope you like it - sorry for the video quality.


Hey that is really nice work!
Nice to see some realtime data viz with OF.