Video and UIView

Hi Folks,

As part of a research project, I am trying to make an application for the iPhone. The core functionality of the app is done, now I’m working on the aesthetics.

Currently, as soon as the application loads, it displays the OpenGL screen, where I display graphically whatever I need to. The user can access the preferences view by double tapping the OpenGL screen (this is based on the UIView example by Robert Carlsen - Thanks Robert!!).

Now, this is what I’m having trouble with:

  1. Playing a video at the beginning of the application : In the setup(), I put in the MPMovieController code, and the video runs fine. At the end of it I see the openGL screen too, but I can no longer double-tap to see the preferences menu. In the console, I can see that touches and double-taps are being detected, but I dont see any view.

  2. Adding multiple views: I also wanted to have a view after the video, but before the OpenGL screen. Is there a way that I can switch to a view, and then switch back to the OpenGL screen? And where should I put in the code for the view? Is it the Main Function, before I call run the testApp object?

I’ve tried playing around with the code, but couldn’t get it working. Any pointers would help a lot…
Thanks in advance!!!