very urgent!! why it didnt work???

Why even I follow suggestions from this board, the 0.073 examples still failed with
two kinds of error messages, one is ofUtils.cpp undefined reference to __chkstk__ms,
another is terminated with return -1073741819.

Environment of my desktop is as follows:
graphic card(Nvidia 9800GT),
intel core2 Quad CPU Q9550@2.83 GHz as well as
latest chipset drivers updated.
win7 64bit (home adv.ed.)

Does anyone can help this?
I’ve tried all I could, or should I re-install my system?

and with CB10.05

The las estable release, the one that you can download from the site, its for use with codeblocks 12.

I dont remember if the 073 version works on codeblocks 10, im using right now the 074 release form codeblocks with codeblocks 12 in a win7 machine without any problem.

solved. thanks a lot!!!