Vector of uint8_t into ofxOscArgBlob

I’m having trouble understanding type conversion. i have a vector of uint8_t values. I’d like to build an ofxOscArgBlob in order to send these values to Open Lighting Architecture .

I am struggling to get this data into an ofBuffer or const char * which can then be placed into ofxOscArgBlob per the documentation page:

void ofxOscArgBlob::set(const char *_value, unsigned int length)

Thanks in advance

a vector of uint8_t is pretty much the same as char* (except it’s unsigned but i can imagine it won’t make any difference) you just need to access the memory pointer of the data in the vector and cast it to char* like:

blob.set(static_cast<const char*>(, vec.size());

where vec is your vec of uint8_t

thanks! I seem to be getting this error:

Static_cast from 'value_type *'(aka 'unsigned char *') to 'const char*' is not allowed

i tried reinterpret_cast instead and that seems to work (it is compiling). Thanks very much for this.