varible address with ofxOSC send

Is it possible to make an OSC address a variable rather than just a constant? I’m running an app to draw 8 shapes and i want each shape to have it’s own OSC address. This is how it is currently structured:

ofxOscMessage p;
p.setAddress( “/chan/shape” );
p.addIntArg( x );
p.addIntArg( y );
p.addIntArg( width );
p.addIntArg( height );
sender.sendMessage( p );

Sorry if this is a pretty basic question, i’m still trying to grasp certain concepts

instead of p.setAddress( “string constant” ) you can say string theAddress = “blah blah”; p.setAddress( theAddress )… does that help?

to construct a string with for example variable numbers in it you need to use the sprintf function, google it.