Variable typeface

Curious on how to make titled thing not even sure if it’s good fit & doing with openframeworks. I did some reverse engineering found * some helpful parts, but I can’t figure out how to interpolate it on a frames

I think that the type used there is the same and interpolated from thin to bold. you can just use two instances of the fonts, get their ofPaths and interpolate between these. My guess is that as it is the same font it should have the same number of vertices ordered in the same way. Then the stretching and shrinking is simply made by moving these vertices, probably using a sine function (or whichever way you want to do that).

You’ll find useful examples at
for dealing with fonts

algorithmic animation


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Many thanks for these repos will dig into it

Variable fonts are super interesting and keep developing
How would it be possible to access the special parameters of a variable font? Would it be difficult to implement? As I understand it OF use freetype which is supporting opentype variable font since FreeType 2.8 released in 2017