v007 ofTruetypefonts letters seem squished

hey guys!

first of all thanx for the amazing v007 release, can’t say it often enough!

Porting an iOS project from 0.06 to 0.07. I noticed that lot’s of changes also were applied to ofTruetypefonts.
But now the font’s looks a tiny bit squished also compared with the original font.

v0.06 v0.07

Is there any way to adjust this!?



digging deeper into this issue…

I replaced only the ofTruetypefont classes with the old ones from v006.
the result is a tiny difference in anti-aliasing on small fonts & much worse performance again.
But to my suprise the shape of the font is still as incorrect as before. You can see it best in the O.
It’s supposed to be oval not round!

Also it is actually much smaller now! On same dpi settings.

So the issue must lie somewhere in the used renderer, am I right!?
Is there any good documentation of what’s been changed exactly?

Even though I have to admit this goes a bit to deep into the core here for me to follow.

history view:

Smaller font: could maybe be a bug with the dpi settings which was fixed quite some time ago.
Squished shape: Please submit an issue describing this at https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/

strangly the problem seems not to lie withing ofTruetypeFont.

To double check I took the OF v007 framework, and replaced the ofTrueType Classes with the v006 ones.
(did take care of dpi)
& also downgraded the whole FreeType library again.

The result remains as described above, a still very slightly squished font. So the problem must lie somewhere further down the road at the renderer side.

Any ideas what could cause this!?

another exemple on how it effects thin fonts.

OF v006
OF v007 with v006 TruetypeClasses (to make sure these are not causing the problem)

I’d love to submit an issue, but am not quite sure if ofTruetype is the right place.
Looks more like a texture thing.

submit an issue nonetheless, with your observations and findings/theories so far, and someone will maybe have some input on this. add your nice screenshots, and a link to the thread, too.