V0.9.4 linux and Qt Creator

Hi all, trying to just get OF running in Qt Creator and I’m having the hardest time. I had OF examples working in Qt Creator hours ago but new addons weren’t appearing so I tried installing different versions and then everything broke. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times to no avail. I keep getting over 30,000 errors. The top one saying

~/of_v0.9.4/libs/poco/lib/linux64/libPocoNetSSL.a(ConsoleCertificateHandler.o):-1: In function `Poco::Net::ConsoleCertificateHandler::onInvalidCertificate(void const*, Poco::Net::VerificationErrorArgs&)’:

with a “File not found” error even though it is right there. I also cannot tell if the templates actually installed as Qt Creator is grayed out when I open the Project Generator.

Side question - why even when uninstalling Qt Creator does its icon remain on the dashboard?

Sorry for some many questions I am pretty lost.