v0.8.1 vs 0.7.4 compile differences in code::blocks

I have installed both v0.7.4 and v0.8.1 on code::blocks (12.11 and 13.12 = 4 permutations).
I then build the supplied OF examples (e.g. advanced3dexample).
The compiled binaries (exe) are much larger with v0.8.1 (approx double the size).
Also when making a tiny change, and wanting to re-compiled, the whole library is re-built, as if it cannot find the obj files (which are there in both cases).

This cannot be code::blocks settings (I am using the same settings in both cases, and I get the same effect in both versions of Code::blocks).
Any suggestions, or is this performance downgrade normal for the new OF?
(Using windows XP)