v0.05 Structure

I’m not the best in xcode but something I noticed in v0.05 is that there is no longer a folder with all the libs, like GLUT/Opengl … How are these linked. I tried to make a empty app outside of the examples folder and re-linked OF and addons. but the libs are not connected. Not sure how this is structured now.

Got this to work. Apps need to be in a folder at the app level. I’m still wondering how you change the path to frameworks.


Hey Todd -
For 005 we tried to move a bunch of stuff out of the xcode project.
It was our aim to simplify the sidebar and show just the app and openframeworks code.

We found though though that removing all the sidebar junk (like recent searches, symbols browser etc) was on a per user basis so as soon as someone opened up the project with a different username the sidebar gets restored in full.

Anyway some stuff we managed to do for 005 was that we set the frameworks to be specified in the project settings, instead of in the sidebar.

Check project settings and then for all configurations if you scroll down to ‘other linker flags’ you will see a list of the frameworks specified there. If you check the addons examples you will also see relative paths to the openCV.a and oscpack.a libraries - so you can see how you can link to a library without dragging it into your project.

One thing to be careful of though when editing the settings is to make sure it is set to all configurations, instead of just debug or release.


Ohh man this is really nice. so nice and clean! thanks