UVC Camera control in Mac OS X

pantilt also kind of works

    .pantilt = {  
		.selector = 0x0D,  
		.size = 4,  

but i am noticing that zoom only has 5 steps and pantilt only pans.

i also started getting results from region of interest calls.

what i don’t understand is how to pass on multiple values. for region of interest and pantilt one has to specify 2 to 4 values.

for example the doc says about CT_PANTILT_ABSOLUTE_CONTROL:
wLength: 8
offset: 0 field:dwPanAbsolute size: 4
offset: 4 field:dwTiltAbsolute size:4

“Positive values point the imaging plane up, and negative values point the imaging plane down”

but how?

Im trying to controll the settings for 2 cameras but i can not get it to work, i try initWithLocationID but not working for me.

someone has used this addon with more than one camera?

I just had an issue with trying to control 3 cameras with this thing and I wasn’t able to make it work.

A friend of mine gave me this utility that im pressing him to post to github, but it gives you the source and the mac executable to set your cameras - its sometimes buggy with its windows, but it works well - I’m using it with 3 logitech c930e: [link removed at request of author - he wants to clean it up before its released]

You can start your app, and then open this app and find your cameras and change their settings manually outside of the OF app - not a great solution for an installation as there is no way to save settings, but if you need to lock settings for a temporary install, this works well

Thanks a lot laserpilot i will try it!!!

Also found uvc-ctrl wich seems similar to what you describe but with save settings (not tried yet)

Make some test, your app works great but saving data its a need to me.

Tried uvc-crtl but also can not save the settings, i tried with iglasses or webcam settings but they only can work with one cam…

Finally i was able to use 3 cameras with ofxuvc, the key was that.

Using the vendor and product id the code always get the first camera, so you have to use the location id constructor

I have to creare 3 ofxuvc objects because i was not able to toggle the id, so i use one for each camera

Its a bit dirty solution but works perfect