[Utility] ofxAddonTool

Hello oF people :slight_smile:

I’m working on a small bash script to check, install and update ofxAddons using git.
It’s useful when working with projects that need custom clones/branches of addons, quickly informing you of any anomaly.

You can add it as a submodule to an existing oF project, or just copy the ofxAddonTool.sh file. The script then reads the config from addons.txt and runs some checks on your addons folder.

There’s more details in the readme.md.
It’s been quickly tested on osX, Linux and Windows.
I hope it’s useful, if you have a chance to test it, don’t hesitate to report back.

Here’s an example (running in Mosaic) :

hey @Daan,
nice tool. i am doing something similar with ofPackageManager. you might want to have a look. i think it makes sense to join forces.

let me know what you think

Hello Thomas,
I’ll try out ofPackageManager, it looks similar but way more extensive.
How would this compare to ofxAddonTool ? My first impression : it also offers configuration/maintenance of projects, it includes a db, it’s an executable binary, and it’s (made to be) globally installed.
The local_addons integration/usage looks nice too, I didn’t know about that!
Let’s PM about working together.