Utf-16 characters (ő,ű)

hi. is it possible somehow draw utf-16 characters with ofTrueTypeFont.drawString ? looking for a solution for a couple of days but havent found one yet and all of the plugins didn’t work either :confused:

you need to use utf-8 not utf-16, just save the source code text file (or wherever file the text is in) as utf8 and it should work

I already save it as utf-8 and if i write to the console it works fine but if i want to draw it for example into an fbo, the specific characters simply does not appear. So if i’d like to draw “főleg” it becomes “fleg”. All the utf-8 characters work fine but the utf-16 like ő, ű don’t.

how are you loading the font? if you use the old loadFont, now deprecated it defaults to only ascii but if you use load or explicitly set the fullCharacterSet parameter to true it should load those characters without problem, like:

load("font.ttf", 12, true, true);

I load it the way you describe: load("font.ttf", 12, true, true); and after i checked if the full character set is used with hasFullCharacterSet and it returns true but no success.
I use xcode 8.1 and of 0.9.8. already tried with nightly builds but still don’t work.

edit: i tried the fontsExample from the examples and if i type some of those characters also doesn’t appear anything.