Using WiiYourself on Windows 10

Hi everyone! I’m trying to use the Wiimote together with oF on Windows, and after struggling for some time and getting nowhere I’ve decided to ask for help on the forum. First, the setup:

  • Windows 10 x64
  • openFrameworks 0.9.0
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • WiiYourself 1.15
  • WDK 10.0.26639 (for HID compiling of WiiYourself)
  • I’ve confirmed the Wiimote is working on the system I’m using as I’ve used it succesfully with VVVV and GlovePIE.

I’ve found some addons, but they are OSX specific. I’ve also found some tutorials, but they use the workaround approach of translating Wiimote signals to OSC, and they are also OSX specific (and besides it seems such a waste, when there’s a native C++ library).

Now, I haven’t even gotten as far as using WiiYourself together with oF, since the provided demo doesn’t detect the wiimote. Does anyone have experience with this? I’ve managed to build the provided demo project with Visual Studio 2015, but when I click the Debug button, it just enters a waiting loop and never starts the program. Directly double-clicking the generated .exe yields the same results. (I’ve encountered the same problem using just openFrameworks on a different system, by the way).

Does anyone have any pointers in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m quite desperate!

Thanks in advance!

Hej Ventura,
I do not know much about wiiyourself, but I wrote a little wrapper for wiiuse.
The addon is far from being finished, I just implemented the button events and acceleration if I remember correctly. Infrared sensing is still missing and it is kind of buggy. I used it successfully for a little project in OS X and linux. Should be cross platform.
Im quite busy this week, but I’ll update it after my deadline. As I want to use it for another project.
You can find it here:
Feel free to contribute, especially the windows part.

Hope this helps a little if you go the wiiuse way.

There is also wiinremote for windows, I haven’t checked this, not even sure if it outputs OSC.

Hey Thomas,

thanks for replying so quickly. I have to apologize, I forgot to mention I had checked out your addon in the first post :-).
I’ll check it out further, now you’ve told me it should be cross platform. I’m mainly interested in the IR part, though. I’ll do my best and contribute if I make any progress (I’m a noob when it comes to creating oF addons, so yours may be a good starting point).

I’m curious, however, why WiiUse and not WiiYourself? From a purely “volumetric” point of view, Wiiyourself seems so much lighter, less includes, clean API, native C++, etc. (it seems as if the only con it has is missing the crucial “it works” part). I’m asking this because I’ve found a plugin for UE4, and it also uses WiiUse behind the curtains, even though, again, UE4 is C++.

And one final question, is there an “ideal” place for the WiiUse source files inside the oF directory? Or doesn’t it matter?

Thanks a lot!

I simply have not heard of wiiyourself before. Is it cross platform?
Wiiuse is cross platform. There is an example included which demonstrate how to do the IR part in wiiuse. It should not be to complicated to implement it.

I am not sure where to place the complied lib.
I think it is ofxWiiuse/libs/wiiuse/lib/vs. Should be documented somewhere.
Do not forget to add the header files in ofxWiiuse/libs/wiiuse/include.
If everything is placed correctly, it should get included automatically.
You can also install it to your filesystem and adapt the file.

Let me know if I can help you somehow.