Using UI Kit as the GUI for my OF iOS applications?

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For my next application, I’d need to use the iOS SDK UI Kit.
This is both a new thing I’d like to test and also a requirement for my app.

If I begin to be comfortable with what I need in OF, I’d like to know how I can glue UI Kit with my apps.

I have the pure OF “playground”, drawing some shapes, making sounds and I want to double tap and see that pretty View displaying a menu, buttons, sliders from UI Kit.

I guess I have to pass data from objC to OF and vice versa, but if I want to create let’s say … a kind of menu with tabs like this one :

what would you advice me to do ?

even a step by step would help me a lot


Using the GUI example is pretty helpful for getting gui info into your OF app. The interface builder can be a little annoying at first.

I haven’t figured out how to send data back to the iOs gui yet though…I’d like to be able to position the sliders or flip switches when I randomize stuff in my app, but I haven’t gotten it back into the view yet…i think my gui is kind of broken and now allowing outputs or it’s not listing stuff in the sidebar as an outlet

Hi there, I’m starting now to implement menus, buttons that manage content at my app. I will give a try with ofxUI first… But anyone knows or recommends the best solution to integrate the Native GUI with OF?

It’s a huge effort mix Objective-C UI with OF?

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see this:

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