Using Poco Conditions

I’m trying to implement a thread sleeping/waking up with a poco condition,
but I don’t understand how it’s being used in OF ofxThreadedImageLoader
I was expecting a condition.wait(mutex) somewhere but it’s not there.
What is condition.signal() doing if no wait is present ?

After looking at history, it seems that @theo removed the wait because windows crashed on exit:
I suppose the same problem is visible in this forum post but there is no final answer:

Master branch deals with this in a new way after @arturo add ofThreadChannel but I’m not currently working with Master.

Is there a problem using poco conditions with windows ?
How is working ofxThreadedImageLoader if condition.wait(mutex) is not called ?

Thanks all

that’s definitely a bug, if 0.8.4 is doing that then it’s not waiting on the condition and the thread is running as fast as possible consuming 1 full cpu.

there shouldn’t be any problem using conditions on windows i think but not 100% sure. also the new ofThreadChannel class has no dependencies with anything else so if you want to use it (it’s really way easier than using a condition, mutex…) you can just copy the .h and .cpp into your project

Ok thanks for the tip arturo !
I’m going to try ofThreadChannel with 0.8.4 on Windows