Using OpenNI2 in an XCode App?

Hi OF Community,

I’m just signed up here and am looking for a little advice/suggestions? I’m trying to build a simple Cocoa App in Xcode 4.6 that will read the data from an XTion Pro Live and say spit it out as an NSLog. I need to mimic the SimpleUserTracker & SimpleUserViewer examples in NiTE2.0 basically and log the data for each joint. I’ve tried a few sample projects for OpenNI2 wrappers from github but can’t actually build and run any of the projects. A lot of the instructions in the README’s are also unfortunately above my level of understanding unfortunately. Ideally I’d be trying to replicate what NI mate does.

Has anyone been able to achieve something like this? Or even has anybody got a link to a good tutorial on installing the necessary libraries and frameworks I’d need?

Many thanks for reading.