Using Open Frameworks with the new Kinect for Xbox One

Hey everyone,
I am hoping to integrate a prexisting open frameworks project with the new Xbox Kinect. I saw someone posted about this last November (new Kinect for Xbox one for November 2013) but so far I haven’t been able to find any new information about this. Anyone have any updates on this?



also interested in this. Its clear OF supports Kinect, for controlling stuff, but I dont understand if devices like the Xbox One can actually run OF graphics projects using its GPU, GLSL etc.

Hello! I’ve been messing around a bit with Kinect v2 on OF. Here’s a non-exhaustive state of where I believe things are at:

  • Support for official Kinect SDK (and thus Windows only) is available with ofxKinectv2 and ofxKinectForWindows2. Both aren’t feature complete with the entire SDK (e.g. the latter doesn’t have skeletons yet, the former doesn’t have all hand tracking), but I’ve tried both with success.
  • Experimental OS X support is available through Theo’s ofxKinectv2. This will not work with non-prerelease Kinects, but should be easy to patch if you have an official version. See this discussion if you have a new K4W since 7/15.

Hope that helps get you started! Checkout the Readmes for all the addons for directions on setting up, most are pretty straightforward!

Just to confirm that ofxKinectForWindows2 now does support skeletons/bodies and also HandState
(thanks to kikko!)

Also a quick note that ofxKinectForWindows2 is based around shared_ptr’s. Generally this is pretty invisible to the user, but that might turn some people on or off depending on your tastes.


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