Using ofxLearn in Android?

Hi everyone,

I would like to use ofxLearn in my android application (I’m using Android Studio’s NDK). I have an existing working app using ofx.

In the usage instructions of ofxLearn, it says to:

Add only ofxLearn’s source folder (ofxLearn/src) to your project, but don’t add the “libs” folder containing dlib, as it will cause naming collisions. Instead, add …/…/…/addons/ofxLearn/libs/ to your header search paths. In XCode, this can be found in the Build Settings of your project file.

But how do I do this within Android Studio? If I just place the dlib directory in the src folder Android Studio hangs on building everything.

What is the equivalent of “Header Search Paths” in Android Studio? Where should I be putting this code to be able to use it?