Using ofxKinectForWindows2


I’m having some difficulties using ofxKinectForWindows2. I’m able to compile the two examples, but they do not work properly. It’s like if I’m not using the correct version of some or all of the different libs and sdk.

Here are some of the issues I have (see the screenshots attached):

  • Some of the ‘outputs’ are not working (e.g. depth and infrared).
  • I have the following error message in the console “[error]
    ofxKinectForWindows2::SourceBaseImageSimple(unsigned short, struct
    IDepthFrameReader, struct IDepthFrame>::update: Couldn’t pull pixel
  • The method “drawPrettyMesh()” called in the example “exampleWithGui”
    does not exist.

My environment is:

  • Visual Studio Express 2012.
  • OF Master branch.
  • ofxKinectForWindows2 Master branch.
  • Kinect SDK v2.0_1409.
  • Kinect v2 retail version.
  • Window 8.1 (Bootcamp).
  • Mac Book Pro Retina.

What am I doing wrong?



Is 1409 the most recent version? If not, I might be testing with a more recent version now. Depth::drawPrettyMesh is now Device::drawWorld (thanks for spotting that!).

You can confirm that depth source works in Kinect Studio whilst the app is running?

Extreme case : If you could send me a zip of your entire oF folder including the addon then I can have a look with vs2012


Yes the 1409 is the most recent version of the Kinect v2 SDK. At least from that page

Everything seems to work correctly when using Kinect Studio or any of the examples in Kinect Browser. But, are you asking me to test with Kinect Studio while running one of the ofxKinectForWindows2’s examples? If this is the case, I can do this in few days. I do not have a Kinect sensor with me right now. I am curious to know why. If not, I can send you my oF folder.

Thanks for the help.

yes i think that’s the next thing to check (app+studio at the same tim)

I haven’t heard of anybody else having this issue so far so best to double check everything
i’m ready to test here with vs2012 if you can wrap up what you have there


ok, I will do that test as soon as I have Kinect with me. What should I expect to see?

All this means that the Kinect can be used by several apps at the same time. I did not know that. I though that it would be ‘locked’ by the first app accessing it.

Here is a streamlined version of my oF folder.



Hey Elliot,
Happy New Year!

I’m finally back in Montreal where I do have Kinects. I can confirm that the depth source works in Kinect Studio whilst the app is running.

Have you had the time to look at my setup/OF folder ?


I have the same configuration and the same issue coming up with the sdk v2.0_1409.
I manage to have depth source from kinect studio and the app running at the same time as well.
I cannot find a link to download earlier version of the kinect sdk v2.0
Did you found a solution?


Sorry, totally forgot about this thread (have been checking issues on the GitHub but forgot about the forum!)

I have some time now and am downloading your oF folder. Thanks for sending.


I was able to recreate. And have found the issue.
There’s a bug in the new ofPixels which reports the wrong size when the PixelType isn’t 8-bit (e.g. 16bit depth frames, etc)

I’ve marked that bug at:

and i’ve updated the master branch to work around this issue:

(also the master branch now is setup for VS2012 when building 32bit)

please pull the latest master

Thanks for looking at this! I will try all this later today or tomorrow.
I was going to ping you as I saw the discussion on the dev list :wink: