Using ofxHTTP with VS2012 and win7

I am in the process of developing an application that will to communicate with a php script running on a remote server. Nothing fancy, just an exchange of json encoded data over http.

From a quick glance to the docs it seems that the only option would be to go with ofxHTTP, that appears to be robust and well manteined. Unfortunately I’m stuck at step 0, not being able to compile even their most basic examples.

I downloaded a fresh copy of of083 (the repository says it’s ok with ofxHTTP), copied into “addons” dir all required extensions (ofxHTTP itself plus the other 6 as stated on the requirements). Then, not being able to find a visual studio project file, I created a new one with project generator including all the 7 extensions and copied the “src” directory from the example (example_basic_client_loader) over the new project’s “src”.

Well, visual studio 2012 dies with a bunch of errors, of which the first one is as follows:

e:\winusers\davide\desktop\of_v0.8.3_vs_release\addons\ofxnetworkutils\libs\ofxnetworkutils\src\ipaddressrange.cpp(37): error C2664: 'Poco::Net::IPAddress::IPAddress(const std::string &,Poco::Net::IPAddress::Family)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'int' to 'const std::string &'
2>          Reason: cannot convert from 'int' to 'const std::string'
2>          No constructor could take the source type, or constructor overload resolution was ambiguous

with 671 more error after that.

Of course I am missing something very basic, since it appears that many people are using the ofxHTTP extension successfully. But what? Other applications not using this extensions compile and run fine.

A hint will be very welcome, thanks

I really can’t figure this out :frowning: is there anybody willing to share a simple project using ofxHTTP with visual studio? Anything will do, if it compiles I can work from there.


Just looking at the repo I can tell this is for the newer VS2015 because there is c++11 and its been updated very recently. I would try using OF0.9 but @bakercp is the person to ask regarding that addon.

Yes, 0.8.4 is supported with the older tagged version, but I recently (a few days ago) updated everything to work with VS2015 and 0.9+. I have never tested it with 0.8.3 on windows but VS2015 and 0.9+ worked the other day when I made the updates.

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