Using ofxFFT and ofSoundPlayer

Using ofxFFT and ofSoundPlayer, I had a project that used these libraries and thought it was working a couple years ago and when I run it now, I have no errors but no sound comes out. Could these libraries be interfering with each out some how? Any advice to get mic input and have them trigger a sound output.


Hello @zevenrodriguez welcome to the forums.
You can write more clearly what you intend to do, or maybe share the code.
Usually I use fft for sound input, so no output involved. maybe you are trying to do something else.

Thanks Dimitre, The original code when the volume reached a threshold. It played a random sound and loaded a video clip. I think I got it to work using soundstream input example and ofsoundplay seemed to be working. I will try to post a working example when I finish.

Nice, maybe for your usage you need something less sophisticated than FFT
like RMS mentioned in ofBook here

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Yeah, sounds like you just need to measure the overall loudness with rms.

Also, if it’s a project you haven’t used in a while make sure your audio settings are correct, ie. assigning the correct input/output devices.