Using OFW from git


Hello, I’m trying to compile projects using openframeworks from git, I’m actually using branch ‘patch-release’ but It can’t find glew.
OS X 10.12, Xcode 9.2

	#include "GL/glew.h"

Should I use another branch? use project generator from git too?

EDIT: My lack of attention, everything is covered here


this may be based on osx file listing changing (ie listDir has changed behavior in versions of OSX) – potential fix might be to add a .sort() on all the list dir commands in the PG.


Yeah this would potentialy solve this one too


Not sure this is related? one is that the files appear out of order but the other is related to a missing include no?

Have you run the download_libs script?


Thank you Arturo, running it right now my fault.