Using ofVideoPlayer outside of ofApp::update() + ofApp::draw()

simple question, am i able to update and display a video outside of the ofApp::update() and ofApp::draw() functions? i have tried doing it it my own function in ofApp but the program simply hangs for the duration of the video without ever updating the screen.

is this possible?

hey @racarate -

The short answer might be ‘no’ - but that doesn’t seem like a very fun way to approach your question.

Can you give us a description of what you’re trying to do with the video player which might inspire some suggestions? I’m certainly intrigued :smile:

ha, well the answer is quite boring – i want to halt all interaction while the video plays.

hissss, non-interactive interactive art!

anyways, i wrote some trash callback code that i think i might replace with ofMessage()

thanks for the reply!