Using ofSystemTextBoxDialog makes window lose focus

If I use ofSystemTextBoxDialog, when I click OK or hit ‘enter’ the OF app window doesn’t regain focus. Anyone else had this happen?

Code is simple:

string presetName = ofSystemTextBoxDialog("Preset name:");
if(presetName.length()) {
    //Do something

From a user perspective, it appears as though the app has become unresponsive to key commands. In reality all they have to do is click again on the window, but I don’t want to have to make people do that as it’s a shoddy user experience!

Anyone else had this problem?

Hey, yes it’s not only you. It happens on OS X and seems to be related to this commit which have been partially stripped from the current OF release.

(I’m working on a fix)

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Hello. I’m using windows 10, OF 0.10.1 and VS 2019 version 16.2.3 and this problem still persists. I am a very inexperienced user of OF. Has anyone found a solution?