Using ofFbo in glfw

Is there something I’m missing? Intermittently, whenever I take focus away from the screen when I’m drawing using ofFbo.draw(ofPoint), I will get a crash, usually in ofMainLoop::pollEvents() with a method cache corrupted method.

The way I use it is occasionally in the program I call

//draw stuff

Then every frame I call

ofFbo.Draw(ofPoint) //point changes.

Something I havent tried is moving the fbo off the screen before I call begin. I also can’t use ofFbo.clear() as I get a flash on the screen (really weird). Are these things connected? I’m using glfw on macosx by the way.

an example of the error text

objc[1337]: Method cache corrupted. This may be a message to an invalid object, or a memory error somewhere else.
objc[1337]: receiver 0x6000000a5e80, SEL 0x7fff96d623d9, isa 0x7fff714a6ea8, cache 0x7fff714a6eb8, buckets 0x1018c8e00, mask 0xff, occupied 0x1f
objc[1337]: receiver 96 bytes, buckets 4608 bytes
objc[1337]: selector 'valueForKey:'
objc[1337]: isa 'CUIWindowFrameLayer'
objc[1337]: Method cache corrupted.