Using OF wizard in codeBlocks on raspberrypi 2

I am a total beginner with oF. I installed it on my raspberrypi 2 which works fine if I run the example files from console. Then I installed codeBlocks and run an example from there, also working.
In the end I tried to install the wizard and create a project with it. Doing this I just created a file called “addons.make” in a new projectfolder under */apps. In codeBlocks nothing is shown in the projectmanager. That can not be all and might be wrong! Has anybody experience with the wizard on a raspberrypi?

Thank you,

Getting to the same point here …

What am I missing ?

Added the Openframeworks template on project generator, then created a new project with it, but i just get the addons.make on the folder ?¿

Thanks !