Using oF for a Live Wallpaper?

I’ve been trying the entire day to link a Live Wallpaper service to the oF renderer. I tried different approaches, like trying to get OFAndroid to use the surface from the SurfaceHolder, or getting the OFAndroidWindow to use it as renderer - but they all ran into problems, like having to comment out parts of the OFAndroid code, and still getting null pointers at various places like ContextWrapper.getResources.
Using the NDK for Live Wallpapers is possible, but if I wanted to use oF for them, would I have to rewrite the entire code or is there an easier way? Any ideas?

Also, if anyone knows how to get rid of false error markers at places where I refer to oF classes in Eclipse, that would be great. Those fakes are “drowning” the real errors Eclipse can recognize.

I think oF doesn’t fit the purpose here. There’s no shaders in android version, therefore it’s harder to make fluid modern graphics.

Anyways, probably you’re going to write some new platform-level glue code.

Did you ever get anywhere with this?