Using madmapper with openframeworks on windows 10


Hey guys,
Im trying to use madmapper with openframeworks so I can do some projection mapping of my real time openframeworks output. Syphon works great on a mac but I have to use windows for this current project.

I have tried a few Spout addons and have not been able to make any of them work. They all keep saying their debug.exe file is missing.

Has anyone made Spout work with window 10 and openframeworks to send output to madmapper?
Is there another way I can possibly do some projection mapping of my realtime openframeworks output?



I can confirm the addon is working fine. Make sure you dont use the project generator to work with this addon. I just edited these instructions from Elliot Woods’ kinect addon:

  1. Make your project with Project Generator, but do not select ofxSpout as an addon at this stage
  2. Open the solution, and add the ofxSpoutLib/ofxSpout.vcxproj to your solution (right click on the Solution and choose Add > Existing Project... )
  3. In Property Manager (open it from View -> Other Windows -> Property Manager ), right click on your project to select Add Existing Property Sheet... and select the openFrameworks\addons\ofxSpout\ofxSpoutLib\ofxSpout.props file.
  4. Go back to Solution Explorer , right click on your project (e.g. ‘mySketch’) and select ‘Add Reference…’, and add a reference to ofxSpout .

If you are using the latest OF and VS2017 you will also need to right click on the ofxSpout project once it is imported into your project and update the windows SDK version to one that exists on yoru computer.


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Thank you so much for the response.
I did use elliotwoods’ ofxSpout as an addon from project generator. I will try it out as you outlined it here and get back to you with an update.


Hey Fred,
Thanks again. I was just able to get to this.
I am able to do steps 1,2 & 3. On step 4, I do not see ofxSpout in my References. IS there a way I can add it to my list of references?

ofxSpout is in my addons folder. Im alos looking up ways to trouble shoot this but thought id ask here incase you knew.


If you follow the steps it will be there in your references.

I think you may be confusing the visual studio project and the solution.

In the solution explorer windows in visual studio the solution is the top most item, it is like a folder that contains the projects. For step 2 you need to add the [project to the solution.

In step 3 you can add the property sheet when the project is highlighted (at this stage you will see 3 projects in the property sheet manager, so select the project you generated and then add the existing property sheet)

In step 4 you need to add the reference to the project that you made, so whatever you generated with the OF project generator, as it needs the reference to the ofxSpout project.

I tested this on a new project when I initially replied and it all works perfectly.

I see in your screen shots that you did not add the project correctly as if you had the solution explorer (mostly covered in the pic) would say 3 projects the OF project, your project and the spout project, but it clearly says 2 projects.