Using libusb in OF to access Push 2 display

Hi there,

I’m totally new to OF. I was using Processing for some time but played around with OF yesterday and already like it a lot.

I wanted to access the display of an Ableton Push 2. The company recently released this:

“From USB point of view, each frame consists of 640 buffers of 512 bytes each, containing the pixel data.”

They provide C code snippets for opening/closing display access as well as allocating frame header and pixel data buffer transfers for libusb.

I figured it should be possible to use this in a OF project, do some visualisation, generate a Bitmap at that resolution and bit depth and send it to the device. But I’m kind of stuck as I’m not experienced with Xcode.

I read that other projects use this library but I couldn’t figure out how they do it. I work on a mac with Xcode but if there are any platform specific ideas how to get this done, I can try it on my other machine.



An easy solution to using libusb is including ofxKinect which uses libusb. Simply #include “libusb.h” before starting to struggle with the lack of material to go further.

I’d still love to know how use such libraries in general. At some point I’m sure we all need to use some other libs, don’t we?

using libusb to use displays seems really interesting as this is not the only device with such a display. The idea of running visualisations on USB devices with displays is really interesting.