Using Github and cloning add-ons

Hello - I’ve been downloading adding Add-ons to my openFrameworks directory and all has been well - except with the ofxGRT add-on there’s an issue which can only be fixed if you’ve cloned the add-on and then type some stuff into the terminal to fix it.

I don’t really know how to clone anything from GitHub… how do I set up my add-ons folder to clone add-ons?

the issue:

Thanks much, Rachel

I think you can probably just download and put it in the libs folder inside ofxGRT as a grt folder

Thanks Arturo - not quite sure I understand but here’s what I did:

In the Terminal on MACOS:

First go to add-ons directory
cd /Applications/of_v0.10.1_osx_release/addons

Then clone the add-on
git clone

Then go into the add-on
cd /Applications/of_v0.10.1_osx_release/addons/ofxGrt

Then update with the commands
git submodule init
Hit enter

git submodule update
Hit enter

yeah that should work as well

Thanks for responding initially, Arturo. I’ll ask my friend about what you suggested.

Cheers, Rachel

what i meant is that if you dodn’t want to use git you could have just downloaded the addon, downloaded the grt library from the link i posted and just pasted it inside the addon’s lib folder which would have done the same as updating the git submodules. if you got it working with git there’s no need to do that