using external dll (maxon) with codeblocks on windows

i’m working on a robotics project and using a digital motor controller from maxon motors. EPOS 24/5.
It comes with some basic software and also examples using VC++, VB, and borland C++. I would like to use with openframeworks codeblocks instead.

i’m very much a c++ beginner. i know there are 3 files provided by maxon that i need to include-> a .h file. a .dll file and a .lib file.

these are the instructions they give for working with MS VC++.

First Step: You have to copy all files to the working directory of the project. Second Step: The header file ‘Definitions.h’ has to be included into the program code. Use the instruction \#include “Definitions.h”. Third Step: The file ‘EposCmd.lib’ has to be added to the project. For that purpose you have to open the menu point ‘Settings’ of the menu ‘Project’. Select the tab ‘Linker’ and add the file ‘EposCmd.lib’ in the edit field Object-/Library modules.

I poked around in the project settings on codeblocks and i see a libraries tab but not a linker tab as suggested above. the subtleties of this project setup system are outside my current understanding.
how should i link here? or copy into another one of the codeblocks or OF directories?


if you’re curious, here is a picture of one axis of the setup.…-464293285/