Using Emacs with clangd and compilation database - includes cannot be resolved completely

Hello dear people

I’m trying to use Emacs (Spacemacs) with lsp, clangd and a compilation database generated with bear (via wsl2) on Windows 10. Quite the impossible setup. This is my last attempt at resolving this…

I did generate the compilation database by calling bear --
I also did try to use an example project and did call bear -- make in that project and providing that.
The problem is the same.

I can confirm that the compilation database is read in, and I do not get the ofMain.h not found that many complain about (because I DID provide the compilation database, and it seems it CAN be resolved partly).

I can visit ofMain.h, however no includes of ofMain.h cannot be resolved!

Furthermore, in my ofApp.cpp clang complains:

In included file: GL/glew.h file not found

Variable has incomplete type 'ofColor' (aka 'ofColor_<unsigned char>')

In my lsp log I get error messages like
Failed to find compilation database for c:\Users\Adelberg\Documents\OPENFRAMEWORKS\of_v0.11.2_linux64gcc6_release\libs\openFrameworks\types\ofColor.h

Something is still wrong.

I still do not understand how the compilation database is used exactly. Is clang only using the paths to resolve the dependencies?

Here it is, btw. I omitted some entries because of pastebin size limitations:

I hope someone has some guidance :slight_smile: