Using EGL on Linux desktop?

in the (not so easy) quest for a different video player on Linux I was investigating integration with libmpv, after some struggle and with help from mpv developers I got a running sample application. Unfortunately there is a weird issue with that library when operated from an OF app, if fails to detect full hardware decoding in the gpu and reverts to a half-hardware mode where decoding is hardware but then the texture is copied to RAM, of course slowing down the process. There are hints that this does not happen if EGL is used (fellows from the Qt world solved the problem setting one of their flags, namely QT_XCB_GL_INTEGRATION=xcb_egl).

So the question is this: is it possible to tell an OF application under Linux (Ubuntu 19.04) to use EGL, just for the sake of testing and to see if this changes something for libmpv? Besides, which consequences would this have on the application behavior?

thanks as usual